Blog goes online!
published August 21, 2015 - 18:00
by Haeretik
We are proud to announce that is now online. This site delivers a collection of android themes and icon packs. For now, you will find here just my own apps but in future you are getting access to my database for uploading your apps too.
We want to share and collect all the beautiful icon packs and theme for android out there, so that all of you having a place for sharing, rating, discussing and communicate.

What do you find here?
  • IconPacks and CyanogenMod Themes from Haeroik Designs for Android
Sooner or later you will find here:
  • IconPacks uploaded by the community
  • CyanogenMod Themes also uploaded by you
  • other Android Styling Apps
  • A place to share, discuss and rate Themes and Icon Packs
  • In summery: a comfortable website about Android Designs